The Best Site To Buy Your Domain Name

Name Silo Best Registrar

Name Silo Best Registrar

Hands down The Best Site To Buy Your Domain Name is  They deal with all manner of TLDs (the last few letters after the last . in a name i.e. .com) and they are consistently cheap to register, they come with FREE Privacy Protection (Which Godaddy Charges Like $8 For) AND heres the kicker … when you need to renew the next year ….

Godaddy’s .com is 17.99 + 8.99 Privacy or $26.99Name Silo $8.99 + free

Now that might not be a big deal if you have one .com address and you just like paying 3 times the price for stuff.  But we are currently operating about 200 domains and will save Ultimate SEO about $3598! There isn’t any other trade off I can think of … Godaddy provides lots of add on stupid services like email ( comes with your hosting usually ) … Website Builders … look like website builders sites look.  Hosting but I prefer AWS which is what they are anyway.

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find the complete listing of NameSilo’s renewal costs for domains.

Network Solutions is the absolute worst registrar I’ve used in twenty years of buying domain names.  My experience runs from 2018 to 2019 with only one domain name, I was skeptical of them and bought just the one address as a test and they failed in every opportunity and then some.  I say and then some because 3 or 4 months before my name had to be renewed they couldnt bill the card on file ( I didnt want them too ) so they emailed and I ignored it…they suspended the domain pending email verification!

I had been tipped off to issues from the start when their website kept crashing or the forms kept forgetting what was going in to them…it took me multiple attempts to order the single name.  I then pointed the DNS as I wanted but nothing happened for 3 days…so I created a ticket and had a run around issue when finally they gave it turned on….I lost a couple weeks there.  It also then stopped working magically a week later and was down another week.  They also have Auto Opt In services you need to be watchful for…like email.

I had months of paid time that I didnt get from them … I was ignoring their promotional crap.  So they turned me off until I verified my email again.  Outrageous I immediately started the transfer process out.  Here are some more people’s Network Solutions stories…..the worst place to buy a domain name.

The Second Worst Place To Buy Your Domain Name

Is with your hosting company.  I prefer checks and balances and your hosting company already holds all your files over your head…dont give them your name too.  It may be free but for 8 bucks pay someone else so no matter what your host company says or does you can take your name and run.

BTW No one paid us or gave us anything for free, this is what Ultimate SEO actually thinks.  Here’s the prices from our pick for Best Site To Buy Your Domain Name.

Name Silo

.net $11.79
.org $10.79
.club $9.00
.biz $12.79
.life $23.99
.icu $6.59
.info $12.67
.top $7.19
.store $43.99
.xyz $9.29
.ac $42.99
.academy $23.99
.accountant $11.50
.accountants $73.99
.actor $29.99
.agency $15.99
.airforce $23.99
.apartments $37.99
.archi $51.95
.army $23.99
.art $10.69
.asia $11.79
.associates $23.99
.attorney $29.99
.auction $23.99
.audio $114.99
.band $18.99
.bar $54.99
.bargains $23.99
.beer $23.99
.best $80.00
.bid $2.75
.bike $23.99
.bingo $35.99
.bio $51.95
.black $40.45
.blackfriday $114.99
.blog $22.99
.blue $12.84
.boston $10.50
.boutique $23.99
.builders $23.99
.business $15.99
.buzz $27.99
.ca $8.99
.cab $23.99
.cafe $23.99
.camera $37.99
.camp $37.99
.capital $37.99
.cards $23.99
.care $23.99
.careers $37.99
.casa $6.09
.cash $23.99
.casino $114.99
.catering $23.99
.cc $9.99
.center $15.99
.charity $22.00
.chat $21.99
.cheap $23.99
.christmas $53.99
.church $23.99
.city $15.99
.claims $37.99
.cleaning $37.99
.click $8.59
.clinic $37.99
.clothing $23.99
.cloud $8.99
.co $22.49
.coach $37.99
.codes $37.99
.college $52.99
.consulting $23.99
.coffee $23.99
.community $23.99
.company $6.99
.computer $23.99
.condos $37.99
.construction $23.99
.contractors $23.99
.cooking $23.99
.cool $23.99
.coupons $37.99
.courses $27.99
.credit $73.99
.creditcard $114.99
.cricket $11.50
.cruises $37.99
.dance $18.99
.date $2.75
.dating $37.99
.deals $23.99
.degree $34.99
.delivery $37.99
.democrat $23.99
.dental $37.99
.dentist $29.99
.design $35.99
.diamonds $37.99
.diet $114.99
.digital $23.99
.direct $23.99
.directory $15.99
.discount $23.99
.doctor $73.99
.dog $37.99
.domains $23.99
.download $2.75
.earth $18.99
.education $15.99
.email $15.99
.energy $73.99
.engineer $23.99
.engineering $37.99
.enterprises $23.99
.equipment $15.99
.estate $23.99
.events $23.99
.exchange $23.99
.expert $37.99
.exposed $15.99
.express $23.99
.fail $23.99
.faith $6.35
.family $18.99
.fans $53.99
.farm $23.99
.fashion $23.99
.feedback $329.99
.film $65.99
.finance $37.99
.financial $37.99
.fish $23.99
.fishing $23.99
.fit $23.99
.fitness $23.99
.flights $37.99
.florist $23.99
.flowers $114.99
.football $15.99
.forsale $23.99
.foundation $23.99
.fun $16.99
.fund $37.99
.furniture $37.99
.futbol $9.99
.fyi $15.99
.gallery $15.99
.game $329.99
.games $13.99
.garden $23.99
.gift $14.99
.gifts $23.99
.gives $23.99
.glass $37.99
.rocks $9.99
.gmbh $23.99
.gold $73.99
.golf $37.99
.graphics $15.99
.gratis $15.99
.green $53.99
.gripe $23.99
.group $15.99
.guide $23.99
.guitars $114.99
.guru $23.99
.haus $23.99
.healthcare $37.99
.help $22.99
.hiphop $114.99
.hiv $195.99
.hockey $37.99
.holdings $37.99
.holiday $37.99
.horse $23.99
.hospital $37.99
.host $69.89
.hosting $329.99
.house $23.99
.immo $23.99
.immobilien $23.99
.in $6.89
.industries $23.99
.ink $22.99
.institute $15.99
.insure $37.99
.international $15.99
.investments $73.99
.io $31.99
.irish $11.99
.jewelry $37.99
.jetzt $15.99
.juegos $329.99
.kaufen $23.99
.kim $12.85
.kitchen $37.99
.la $27.99
.land $23.99
.law $80.00
.lawyer $29.99
.lease $37.99
.legal $37.99
.lgbt $33.99
.link $8.69
.lighting $15.99
.limited $23.99
.limo $37.99
.live $18.99
.llc $23.99
.loan $2.75
.loans $73.99
.lol $22.99
.love $23.99
.ltd $15.99
.maison $37.99
.management $15.99
.market $23.99
.marketing $23.99
.mba $23.99
.me $14.15
.media $23.99
.memorial $37.99
.men $2.75
.menu $27.99
.miami $13.99
.mobi $15.15
.moda $23.99
.moe $13.99
.mom $27.99
.money $23.99
.mortgage $34.99
.movie $219.99
.mx $36.99
.navy $23.99
.network $15.99
.news $18.99
.ninja $13.99
.observer $9.99
.one $7.99
.online $15.99
.ooo $90.00
.organic $53.99
.partners $37.99
.parts $23.99
.party $2.75
.pet $12.84
.photography $14.50
.photo $22.99
.photos $15.99
.pics $22.99
.pictures $8.99
.pink $12.84
.pizza $37.99
.place $23.99
.plumbing $37.99
.plus $23.99
.press $52.99
.pro $12.84
.productions $23.99
.promo $12.84
.properties $23.99
.property $114.99
.protection $2,079.99
.pub $23.99
.pw $17.25
.racing $6.35
.realty $9.99
.recipes $37.99
.red $12.84
.rehab $23.99
.reise $73.99
.reisen $15.99
.rent $49.99
.rentals $23.99
.repair $23.99
.report $15.99
.republican $23.99
.rest $28.99
.restaurant $37.99
.review $6.35
.reviews $18.99
.rip $13.99
.global $53.99
.rodeo $23.99
.run $15.99
.sale $23.99
.salon $37.99
.sarl $23.99
.school $23.99
.schule $15.99
.science $6.35
.security $2,079.99
.services $23.99
.sexy $43.99
.sh $42.99
.shiksha $10.89
.shoes $37.99
.shop $26.99
.shopping $22.99
.show $23.99
.singles $23.99
.site $23.99
.ski $34.70
.soccer $15.99
.social $23.99
.software $23.99
.solar $37.99
.solutions $15.99
.space $17.25
.storage $529.99
.stream $2.75
.studio $18.99
.study $22.99
.style $21.99
.sucks $218.99
.supplies $15.99
.supply $15.99
.support $15.99
.surf $23.99
.surgery $37.99
.systems $15.99
.tattoo $34.99
.tax $37.99
.taxi $37.99
.team $23.99
.tech $39.99
.technology $15.99
.tel $10.79
.tennis $35.99
.theater $37.99
.theatre $529.99
.tickets $389.99
.tienda $37.99
.tips $15.99
.tires $73.99
.today $15.99
.tools $23.99
.tours $37.99
.town $23.99
.toys $37.99
.trade $2.75
.training $23.99
.tube $23.99
.tv $26.99
.university $37.99
.uno $11.99
.us $6.99
.vacations $23.99
.vegas $43.99
.ventures $37.99
.vet $23.99
.viajes $37.99
.video $18.99
.villas $37.99
.vin $37.99
.vip $11.99
.vision $23.99
.vodka $23.99
.voyage $37.99
.watch $23.99
.webcam $6.35
.website $17.99
.wedding $23.99
.whoswho $22.99
.wiki $22.99
.win $2.75
.wine $37.99
.works $23.99
.world $23.99
.work $6.09
.ws $20.99
.wtf $23.99
.yoga $23.99
.zone $23.99
.travel $88.00

Ultimate SEO”Ultimate SEO”

What Would Google Cloud Need To Do To Catch Up To AWS And Azure?

Matt Leffler
Matt Leffler, I host another complete web stack on GCP

Ease of use is one thing. I have clients that can benefit from cloud based solutions. They may have a typical hosting account with some name brand hosts but for various reasons I find myself getting annoyed and deciding I’m moving them to the cloud.

I move them to Google Cloud Platform but only temporarily because I know that when I leave them (I’m just a freelancer) they’ll be lost. If they decide they want to be in the cloud every single time I then move them to AWS. Why did I pick Google to begin with? Only one reason…the credit. That credit allows me to move them without them feeling pressured but when they make the decision to stick with the cloud they leave Google.

Why Is Google Cloud Not Where I Leave Them?

  1. Ever try to have a server on GCP with more than one IP address? – It is next to impossible compared with the ease of associating multiple IPs to an AWS server. Beyond the technical limitations of GCP they also don’t allow more than one IP address per zone. So I would have to use a load balancer if I wanted more than one server in the same zone. That second layer of steps exceeds the clients interest.
  2. Often they have WHM / cPanel servers and they require 2 IP addresses for the two required name servers. Google Cloud … I have to make the WHM with one IP then run off to another zone and make a second server thats DNS only but still meets the minimum requirements of cPanel….then I have to make a DNS cluster tieing the two together and I have found these clusters to be very tricky…often somehow falling apart and needing to be put back together. The client in the end just wanted one server. I can do that in about 2 hours total on AWS without additional servers.
  3. Restrictions – So lets say I make a GCP WordPress micro server. I let people signup and require them to respond to an email from the server. NO ONE ever responds to the email…well, its because GCP by default blocks all SMTP ports. So, if I want something as simple as email I have to go setup a mail relay through another service and guess how many clients eyes glaze over at this point? All.
  4. Too much reliance on Cloud SDK over simply putting it in the website. Again back to clients being able to use this after I leave them, if they cant do it in the web interface they cant do it. Too often the instructions in the help reference Cloud SDK and thats the end. If a client requires a full time cloud specialist because Google relies on Cloud SDK too much then I can’t leave an everyday client with them.
  5. Ever tried to SFTP into a server? AWS I pick an SSH key that Ive already added from previous servers and then in my SFTP client I add my connection settings and select the .pem file and I’m in. Google cloud there are just way more steps and issues. Here is a fun example … go to google and type “Google Cloud SSH” and see what Google suggests you are searching for…Google Cloud SSH Key, Google Cloud SSH Not Working, Google Cloud SSH Permissions, Google Cloud SSH Timeout …. that says volumes. Permission denied is basically the expected search from Google if you type a simple thing you will have to be able to do.

So those are my thoughts…its overly complex and drops the ball in an area that only a few people in most companies IT departments can understand.

I added this into because it IS an SEO thing.  The speed and loading of your site has a big effect on your ranking.  I have improved a sites ranking from the average keyword in the 40s to the 20s by simply putting them on their own server.  Who wouldn’t want their keywords jumping like that and for about $30 a month.

UltimateSEO: Make An Impact

Why is AWS beating Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM?

I believe Google Cloud was launched after AWS so a head start helps for one.

AWS also has a free tier, it’s like giving the first hit of ecstasy to someone free. Why not use this free server. Then that server needs to expand and you make plans and youre hooked and know the AWS cloud better than Google.

Google Cloud offers a credit of $300 right now to try and get you involved but its not the same as a free tier of service. Once the $300 is gone its always going to cost you whereas you can downgrade a server back to the free tier if ya decide to do that.

There are also some wonky decisions that Google made that leave me annoyed almost daily. The fact you cant utilize smtp ports of the servers leaves me having to go all around to get a WordPress site to send emails…or the inability to easily transfer a project between accounts. I’ve landed myself in a situation where I transferred ownership but I didn’t remember to transfer billing but was no longer a project owner so I couldnt transfer billing anymore, customer service just acted like it made sense that I couldn’t use or config the resource but that my credit card was still going to be used.

SSH and SFTP into AWS fairly standardized and it is relatively seamless. Google makes these difficult.

The way they only give out one static ip address per zone. They have a BETA project and decide if its to allow multiple IPs but…what took so long?  IP Aliases or multiple network ip addresses … on AWS I just added the IP addresses, why do I need more than one?  Because my name servers need to have different IP address, but again I cant do it right now.

So with all these limits here and there I personally pay for my servers with AWS (its just easier to use) but I use Google Cloud for short experiments where I may need more than 1 IP, and a site that doesn’t ever send an email. Configuring Alias IP Ranges is new and overdue.

Why is AWS beating Google, Microsoft, Oracle and IBM?

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An Article Worth A Second Read

Louisville Cloud – SEO – Web Design

So I was cleaning up some posts on Sean Delahanty’s site and making them fresh for folks when I ran across this often missed and misunderstood posting of a WDRD story.  Sean Delahanty and the controversy with jailing everyone for everything.

The issue can kinda be boiled down to this …

If you are arrested you are innocent until proven guilty. Thats our rule of law. Now LMPD and prosecutors feel that if the police arrest you, you are guilty and you should only get bail if they (the police think you shouldnt be there…which why would they bring them there if they didnt think they were guilty?) But these two statements cant both be true…

LMPD officers arrested following allegations of rape of underage minors.

Or how about the guy who was a suburban police chief who said just shot the black people.

Racist Chief

Racist Chief

SO police arrested those police officers…so they must be guilty?  And this racist says shooting black people is cool…even the County Attorney had to agree the police were wrong on that one. But then …. see its a paradox.

Now I’m not saying that LMPD officers are normally like these three…but I am saying they are human, and capable of good and bad.

They are not judge and jury ..thats why we have a judge and jury.  If you get the time read that long in depth article.

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