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Some Presidential Candidates’ Positions on the TPP:


Senator Bernie Sanders was a leader in the Senate opposing Fast Track authority for the TPP (officially called the TPA for Trade Promotion Authority.)  In 1991 he strongly opposed the Fast Track authority for NAFTA.

Donald Trump has a long history of speaking out against first NAFTA and now TPP.

Senators Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul all voted against the “Fast Track” authority or the TPA.

Hillary Clinton at first supported the TPP for its potential benefits but when the text came out she determined that it was not a good deal for the people in its final form.  She is now against it.

TPP text is now PUBLIC!!

 There is still ONE LAST CHANCE to stop the TPP!

  Do not miss your last window of opportunity to stop the TPP!

You will be furious when you see what’s inside this highly guarded secretive “trade deal”.

There will be at least 60 days for congress and the American people to review this job destroying trade agreement.  Then congress will have the final vote.

Full text – all 6000 freedom killing pages of the TPP:


The TPP was finalized in Atlanta, Georgia as protests were being held in most of the participating countries.  One group flew all the way from Japan to join in this Atlanta protest at the TPP meeting site!

TPP = FOREIGN Corporations Will OVERTURN U.S. LAWS!!!

  • Foreign corporations will collect billions from taxpayers who try to restrain them from polluting
  • Jobs are destroyed for profit
  • The vast bulk of the profits go to the top executives while workers’ jobs, pay and benefits are cut

TPP: Internet: Accused = Access Denied!

  •  TPP: Internet providers will be required to shut off your internet if anyone merely accuses you of misusing any copyright!
  • Even tiny or accidental violations have criminal penalties!
  • If someone else posts something on your website which violates a copyright you could still get a criminal penalty and have your website shut down!


TPP = No Job Left Behind

  • TPP has been called “NAFTA on steroids.”
  • NAFTA cost between 700,000 and 1 Million American jobs.  Many of those were good jobs.
  • TPP will likely destroy over 2 Million jobs!


Stop the TPP Destruction!

      • Foreign investors and corporations given LEGAL RIGHTS  override American laws!

      • Over 2 million American jobs likely to be lost

      • Comcast will dominate the internet (remember THEIR customer service!)

      • Once IN, we can never get OUT!

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